Unique Movements


Its gentle movement up to the head and then down to the feet produces a feeling of relaxation that brings to mind being in a rocking chair. This movement is designed to deal with different stages of stress.

Up & Down

The bed moves upwards and downwards, creating a sensation of muscular distension that is translated into a feeling of well-being and relaxation and into a reduction of mental and articular tension.


A mixture of the two movements at a low intensity produces a general relaxation of the nervous system, but as it gets faster, you will experience unique sensations…
Let your imagination run free and unleash your wilder side!


A movement designed for fun. The bed produces unexpected movements converting it into a roller-coaster of fun, without the need to leave your bedroom.

An adjustable bed

Movement Bed is perfectly suited to any room.
The room remains unchanged.
What changes is the life of the people that live in it.

An exclusive design

Movement Bed is the first bed in the world designed to improve its users’ health and quality of life, to have fun and to experience unique sensations.

Movement Bed mixes health, comfort and State-of-the-Art technology.
Its main feature is its uniqueness, evidenced by its exclusivity which has been converted into a patent. Movement Bed is becoming a unique and inimitable equipment that makes it a very special product.

Movement Bed is a product that improves well-being, cares for us and makes us better people, meaning that every morning we wake up happier.

Welcome to the world of Movement Bed, a new idea in furniture that will revolutionize the concept of today’s beds.

Leading-Edge Technology

Years of investigation and development gave birth to a unique and innovative object: Movement Bed.

For a long period, a team of health specialists, engineers and designers in addition to heavy investment in research, development and innovation, investigated sleep improvement and how to help improve physical and mental rest, which resulted in a bed that was able to combine comfort and advanced technology.

Engine of Movement Bed

In the heart of the bed there are motors and a sophisticated and ultra-quiet transmissions system, that provides unique feelings in bed.