The 'Made in Spain' technology triumphs in Vegas

HD Expo las Vegas 2016

Stones & Sticks, furniture company from Spain, presented to the American public his ‘Movement Bed’, a bed designed to improve people’s, to have fun and to experience virtual reality type experiences
The Movement Bed, created by the company Stones & Sticks SL from Anglesola, was presented last week at the HD Expo show in Las Vegas (Nevada). This bed, which is unique in its characteristics and the spanish company holds the patent, is scheduled to improve the health and quality of life of its users, to have fun and is part of several commercial applications such as Margarita Bonita ( and Broomx Technologies (

Among its features, highlight the variety of movements that the bed is capable. These are scheduled to help overcome stress-related diseases, insomnia, anxiety and tension articulate and emotional illness, while also improve relationships and amuse you. Stones & Sticks also presented in the fair their advances in technology. The company has installed in the bed a Bluetooth system with its new APP for smartphones that lets you control the movements, speed and lighting of the bed from a mobile phone.

In this event, Movement Bed by the hand of his partner Broomx made public for the first time his new project called MadKameleon Player360. It is the first player in the world compact projector for viewing audiovisual content to 360 degrees and immersive virtual reality in real physical space. In the same stand immersive experiences Broomx Technologies are coordinated with the movement of the bed Movement Bed, creating surprising sensations to the attendees who dared to try it. Among those created experiences, there was a one reproducing output in rowing along the coast of Barcelona, a view of the Earth from space, an earthquake or a virtual immersion in the deep ocean.

Ramon Aguirre, commercial director of Stones & Sticks, is very satisfied with the results obtained during the exhibition, “that have come out with very good business relationships that will help us open new markets and establish ourselves in the US,” said Aguirre. The HD Expo is the largest global event aimed at the hotel industry and interior design. The exhibition was held from 4 to 6 May at the Mandalay Bay convention hall and gathered more than 10,000 designers, architects, hotel owners and buyers with manufacturers and suppliers of hospitality.


Actividad subvencionada por el Patronato de Promoción Económica de la Diputación de Lleida, anualidad 2016.


Actividad subvencionada por el Patronato de Promoción Económica de la Diputación de Lleida, anualidad 2016.

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